D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd provides superior procurement solutions for companies in the manufacturing and oil/gas sector, effectively sourcing and providing for our clients machine tools and equipments such as valves, flanges, pipes, etc, making

sure all goods are delivered on time and in very good and readily usable conditions.

Through a thorough inderstanding of the market at all times and the application of special innovative techniques in product sourcing, negotiations and acquisition, the team of professionals at D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd are able to satisfy clients with superior products that meet their needs at very affordable costs.

In sourcing for any particular product, our team of specialist procurement officers put into consideration factors such as quality, ease of transportation and availability of the product. D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd has cultivated the habit of dealing directly with the manufacturers or major distributors, ensuring at all times that we bring total operational and purchasing costs for our clients to the barest minimum.