D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd provides general contracting services to cater for the various needs of companies and businesses in the commercial, construction, manufacturing, mining, exploration and other sectors of the economy. The general contracting services

offered by D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd is well tailored to suit the demands of any particular industry that requires our services, and like always, D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd exhibits the same professionalism and dynamism that has made us one of the leading companies around.

Our crew of experienced staff at D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd are fully committed to excellent service delivery and dedication to duty in the execution of any project that they have been tasked with. Applying known techniques and the latest innovative technology and processes, our staff have helped the company to break the frontiers of modern engineering construction and contracting services, introducing processes and solutions that have always awed and stunned our clients.

With our extensive access to foreign and local technical partnership support, D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd is fully positioned to handle all contracting works that clients have entrusted us with, be it as direct contractors or as sub-contractors.