The engineering services division of D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd provides international standards professional engineering services to cater for the various needs of construction, mechanical and electrical engineering works and projects.

At D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd, highly qualified professional engineers are always involved right from the conceptualization through design and execution stages of any project, putting all known processes and latest technologies to ensure that the finished project meets the required specifications.

In ensuring that projects are executed on time and executed in strict compliance with international regulatory standards, D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd has made huge investments in the acquisition of modern construction/engineering equipment and machinery, while also implementing a policy of frequent improvement training for all machine operators and every other skilled and unskilled labour that is under the company's employ.

The engineering operations executed by D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd covers but is not limited to all kinds of works such as;
Welding and Fabrication
Mechanical Engineering Works
Civil Works (Construction and renovation of roads and buildings)
Electrical Works
Dredging services