Oil and Gas Operations

D.O Okwuise and Co. Ltd provides robust and dependable support services for the exploration, production, engineering, refining, testing, inspection, quality, training, research and other related petroleum industry activities.

Engineering & Construction

International standards professional engineering services to cater for the various needs of construction, mechanical and electrical engineering works and projects.

Dredging Services

We provide professional dredging services for a wide variety of environments, from inland waterways to industrial sites, offering solutions that meet the long and short term goals of each particular client.

Commitment to Quality & Standards

D.O Okwuise and Co. places great emphasis on high working standards and quality. Effective quality assessment and quality control measures are a part of day to day operations to ensure absolute and strict adherence to standards

We are all about Reliability

When timing matters most you can always depend on D.O Okwuise and Co.

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Who we are

D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd is an engineering, procurement, consulting and logistics company with several years experience in manufacturing, oil/gas and engineering construction and management.

With an arsenal of well trained highly experienced staff, D.O. Okwuise & Co. Ltd has over the years earned a distinctive name for itself as a provider of first class services and engineering solutions to clients and contractors cut across different sectors of the Nigerian business and industrial community.

Our Vision

To evolve a company that sets the pace in quality engineering practices and professionalism, conform to international standards and aid in the creation of national codes and standards.

Our Mission

focus on quality

At D.O Okwuise and Co. Ltd, we consider quality to be consistent with the requirements of our customers. To this effect, we are fully committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed all the expectations of our customers and fully conform to all known local and international standards and regulations. All staff and sub-contractors of D.o Okwuise & Co. are responsible for ensuring that our products and services conform to our Corporate Quality Policy and standards.